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Susan (#75067) welcome back. It is ok if you don’t have a theme. Our photos and stories might often be scattered a bit, so just go with the flow.

Pirkko (#75069) that is definitely a part that can take longer than creating a page itself! picking the photos, picking the kit, and tweaking until we like the result can be… long!

Marjolijn (#75070) welcome to the Bootcamp. I also read that medium/light grey would show the colors better, but I guess it might also depend on the type of photos one works with. At least, you know you can change it if you ever need to.

Liz (#75076) there is always a story that can be told with those funny signs.

Ann (#75079) looking forward to seeing more of Magic.

Alan (#75084) are we going to see a spring theme series of pages?

Suzanne (#75089) welcome to the Campus and the Bootcamp. Is that a photo of the sky? Is there a story behind that photo? You will have a chance to tell that story in the various projects.

Cristina (#75092) Looking forward to seeing more of those cute faces!!!

Sandy (#75123) if you are already in love with this first lesson, what will it be later? Tomorrow, you will have a ball with the sandwich!!

Keep this up. I will come in and comment on all your posts, every evening. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to post it, and either I or another member will be happy to help you. If you try to post and your post does not show up, don’t panic; click on the Need help? tab on the right and let me know. Occasionally, the spam filter is just overzealous and catches some posts. If that is the case, I just have to pull it from the filter and it will appear. It just happens.