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Sue Thomas
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Susan, thank you.  The American Robin was named after the  British/ European Robin.  The only similarity between them is that they both have red breasts. Commonly known in  Britain as Robin redbreast.  Which is a member of the flycatcher family.  The American Robin is a member of the  Thrush family.  The Meadowlarks are very Common.

Ann, great work,  the subtle changes  made a huge difference.  Had you not duplicated the frame around the  mask, the outside frame would have  worked well.

Marie-Claire,  for every minute you spent on your page, it was well worth it, It is  simply, absolutely, exquisite.

Trish, you always create unique pages.  Your effects are always original.  I love them.

Everyone, creates such  wonderful pages. It is always a pleasure to scroll through.  I must do it more often.