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Thank you Sue and Carole for looking at my problem.

Sue, your comment That the element has to be completely horizontal to begin with, that’s the answer I was looking for. What should I start with before I run the script. With the link to the video with the lace bruches it is now super clear! I had in mind that I had watched a video somewhere where the mitered corner was explained, but I wasn’t sure anymore and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Carole, to use the script then is very clear indeed. Follow the prompts and it will work by itself, very good script, I actually didn’t manage to formulate my question clearly, but Sue gave the answer

I am someone who always reads the instructions, but it is not always obvious when it is written in a language other than your own, and sometimes 1 misunderstood word confuses everything

With the link to the video about the lace bruches, it has become completely clear

Thank you!! now i’m going to practice a little 😀

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