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This was quite a challenge for me related to working through it, understanding what was done, and getting time to do it.

Images – Created using the Kaleidoscope in Paint Shop Pro from the same original image. It is good that we can save Instant Effects because getting the right rotation with the five points is something I would not want to have to figure out each time.

Materials – from the kit mentioned by Carole (Maris Lerin’s kit called Change ) but sometimes different colours than what Carole used.

Change Colour – When I changed one of the flowers with Hue and Saturation, there was a bit of red colour which I thought was Okay so I left it that way.

Font – Microdot

I really like learning how to do things better with PSP and this was certainly containing good things for me.

Thank you, Carole.  This template workshop has added a number of things AND reinforced what was taught in other workshops and other learning I have been involved in.  Maybe some things will become automatic someday.