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Mary (#74511) a little trick I would like to share about drop shadows: when you have an element that goes to the very edge on the left of a page, if you apply a horizontal offset, it will show a tiny gap on that edge (same thing for a vertical offset if the element is on the top edge). In those cases, it is a good idea to set an offset of 0 for the horizontal (for the left side). I forgot to mention that during any of the tutorials, so I am adding this here, for anyone who might be using this template in particular. Once you see it, you cannot un-see it!

Anita (#74516) that little bookworm is the perfect addition to this page.

Euka (#74521) you should have received something from me by email about the master class. I am glad this workshop appealed to you.

Liz (#74523) whenever you need to resize a photo, it is important to always set the mode to Scale AND use only a corner handle to do so, never a side one. (#74526) Yes, the reverse shadow is something that we don’t usually notice, but it still makes a difference.

Theresa (#74524) the older versions of PSP didn’t require the Select all to work on all non-transparent pixels, but in recent versions, that is what it usually requires. If you click directly on the area you want to change color, it will work on all adjacent pixels. It means that if you wanted to color a word including five letters, you would have to click five times. That is still not too bad. I am still puzzled why the Select all didn’t do what it is supposed to do. At least, you have a workaround. (#74552) I would probably add an obvious shadow on the title because the font itself seems to be in 3D.

Gerry (#74528) my guess is that you edited the photos to add those cute masks, right? If so, that is a great job. If not, you have a very immobile cat!

Ann S (#74537) I love how you have those photos with the big cats off-center as if they are sneaking up on you! I would be careful with journaling that is on two separate surfaces AND on a patterned paper as it makes it harder to read.

Lynda (#74540) those are really fun photos. You have a paint spatter on the edge of one paper. You can use the technique of writing on separate surfaces to give it that 3D effect. It works just as well with paint spatters. (#74557) Those semi-transparent ribbons are really interesting!

Alan (#74544) you are a natural at scrapbooking! You seem to be in your element!

Christiane (#74546) what happens when you just hide that layer? Does it still “show up” on your project?

Jnet (#74550) those are fun extra projects. Maybe you can use those FB headers!

Trish (#74554) I thought the flowers were really completely separate. I guess sometimes, it won’t work if it is not well defined on its own layer.

Bonnie (#74555) it would be a long drive, but I still have in mind, the idea of organizing a live event, sometimes in the future. Although COVID didn’t help, I could never have considered it while I was still working. Now, I’ll start re-warming the idea.

Corrie (#74576) this was such a fun adventure. You carried us with you (but we don’t get the certificate!)