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trish williams
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Carole thank you for your comments, the colourful one AFRICA, was actually cut out on the layer above, exposing the layer below, I put an inner bevel on it, but didn’t think it showed up very well.

The flower on the next one, yes I did try, but there were problems, the flower that is to the back and looks like it drops down is actually on the background paper so couldn’t use a shadow although I did think of cutting it out and using it as a layer, which I normally do in cases like that.  The large pink one to the front, the shadow stood out to the dark, looked like the flower had been framed and reducing the occupancy was just as bad, which governed the other flowers, and the sketched ones looked odd with any degree of shadow past 1, although the feathery one to the left does have 3 layers of shadow that surprised me, it just thickened it from the feathery look it had.   The dog hasn’t a shadow as it looked like a cut-out as it was.  For the triangles masks, I gave each a shadow that also didn’t look right, but I think that was a matter of the layers needing to be re-aranged.     It was good practice.