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Final template – Paradise Falls – (very small falls) with quite a steep and uneven descent but worth the views. I am not sure which was the hardest – the going down or going up.

Everything on the page is mine the ‘papers” are photos and the circle I made is a sine sphere. The font Aachen vertical.

Thank you Carole for another interesting and educational workshop, one with a large participation showcasing amazing creativity and willingness to share knowledge and ideas.

A big thank you also to everyone who posted for the pages have been a delight to view and follow along the adventures taken and meeting friends, family and furry family members past and present, all honoured beautifully.

Carole, I have tried to register for the Dynamic Frames, but although a message appears at the top saying I have been sent a link so far no link has arrived, and it sends me back to the log in page.  I also sent an email (replied to) the Cassel email, I am probably drifting around in cyber space dodging satellites!.