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Susan Ewart
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Thank you Lynda for your comments on the wood/glass pieces (#74493).  I believe these glass face beads were likely fused in the kiln.  they are beads,  Melanie would first carve a face in wax then used a refractory mold mix to paint over the wax, (many thin layers) then burn out the wax and the mold would be left and can be use with hot glass in the flame (Lampworking) and pressed into the mold or fused in a kiln with layers of glass with a mandrel (stainless steel rod coated in a bead release) in the middle, more glass on top and put in the kiln to melt the (fuse) the glass together.  Melanie and her twin sister (Leslie Rowe-Israelson) are well known glass artists in the world of fused/cast glass.  They were selected  by the Czech govt to come and teach their techniques (in the 70’s or 80’s).  They have taught at Pilchuck (Dale chihuly’s school), had residency’s at Corning Glass amount many other accomplishments.  I was blessed to know Melanie.  They do life size heads too.  The wood is left over pieces when I worked for my brother who made custom Japanese shoji doors and furniture.  I loved the knots in the wood and thought they looked like little museum plinths (stands).  And the collaboration was born.  You can find Leslie on FB or see her glass art if you ever find yourself in Jasper or Banff, Alberta.  I sold all my glass supplies and kiln when I moved to Alberta (from BC), but I still love glass.