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Euka (#74441) glad to see those corners used, and yes, it is just a matter of rotation to use them in all four corners.

Liz (#74444) did you happen to “resize” the larger image sideways? It might be the original format, but it seems squished.

Trish (#74456) very colorful. I like how you used the same pattern for the title as for the background paper. Perfect match! (#74471) Because of the thickness of the flowers, a large shadow would likely make them stand out from the background. Did you try?

Fiona (#74458) you are correct: the script considers the opacity and not the darkness.

Julie (#74461) who would have considered fungus as art pieces? But you did!

Bonnie (#74468) too bad we live so far from each other. I don’t know if there is much pickleball around here.

Monique (#74471) a bevel can be a great addition to create depth. I might go a little narrower for the size of the text, but you still need to add a shadow to be consistent with the thickness of the element. It is interesting how that rectangular photos became round. On the bottom left photo, it might use some reverse shadow to make a sort of separation from the background paper which is similar in color/tone.

Lynda (#74476) another great appearance of the moon!

Ann S (#74478) yes, once you have merged a group, you can always re-run the clip-to-it script to replace any photo. I have done that often too!

Corrie (#74482) using a very blurred version of your photo is a great way to create a background that perfectly matches the rest of the layout.

Mary (#74499) the clusters work well because you didn’t rotate them much. If you pay attention to the shadows already on the clusters, it would look odd if you had rotated them more. Good job. Nice to see you add text on a path.

Sue (#74500) those photos could easily become a nice FB header!

Pirkko (#74504)  great layout with a monochrome look focussing on the verse.

Linda (#74507) was there something in particular that was unclear? Were you stuck on a particular tool or step?