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Sue Thomas
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This little beauty returned today.  Dark eyed Junco. I thought I would post these pages. For those that were introduced to masks for the first time in this template challenge.  Masking, is a powerful tool,  once you become comfortable using them.  I often create pages like these, many of them I  have posted in projects.  Same bird, two photos, one final image.  Using a mask, the selection tool, and a gradient.  Then the brush to touch it up.   After doing the first one, I noticed that the feather was present twice in the image, so I redid it.   Creating the second page. I will use these images in a project. The images have been greatly degraded, as the originals are 4,000 pixels  x 2,800 pixels, reduced to 600 pixels.

Carole,  I do talk to all the  animals, even the smallest’s of insects. lol