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Theresa Di Cesare
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Here is my page for Template 4 – Birds from the Garden…

One of my ‘favourite waste of times’ is to just sit in the garden and watch the birds flit about between the trees and shrubs. I could literally sit there all day if time allowed.

In the pictures we have a Robin, a Blue Tit, a very fluffy baby Sparrow/Dunnock (I always get the two confused!) and a baby Blackbird.

I think I’m finally understanding masks and am making them quicker than I was a couple of days ago. I love the brush effect one, and  I am assuming that was made by the paintbrush, and that all I’d need to do is create my own ‘design’ using the paintbrush options and then create a mask from it??? Is that right??

I used an embossed paper from Gina Jones February kit from Digital Scrapbook and I adjusted the colour, brightness and contrast. The colour of the border and the text colour are colour dropped from the Sparrow’s head.

I’m loving seeing the levels of creativity that are being displayed in the forum. Thank you all for sharing them.