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Susan Ewart
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Holy Bonnie, you are really productive.  6 layouts in the time it took me to do one 😃.

Here is my first one for day 7.  I broke from my artisan theme.  On the way to get groceries the radio was playing old 60-70’s songs that were in movies.  To Sir, With Love came on and it’s been an earworm (albeit a good one) in my head all day.  What’s a girl to do…well, do a layout of course.  It’s the first time I used a photo in the background (okay, almost the background), enlarged a lot, already grainy from high ISO, but looked cool to me.  Rest of the photo’s was my view from my living room (good thing for removeable screens) when living in Chilliwack, BC (CAN). I flood filled actual background layer, the yellow and the strips.  I made good use of the Hue/Saturation/Lightness to change the buttons from white to a Cyan tint and for the yellow circle to slightly change the saturation and lightness.  At first I was intimidated on what I would do to change the template but once I got started it came together.  I am not a moon photographer by an means, my lenses aren’t long enough, but I take the shot anyway.  Good practice.