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Sue Thomas
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Fiona,  (#74316)     Carole has a nice selection of crotchet lace picture tubes in the store.  I also have a  varied selection of lace brushes, including some nice  Xmas ones.  Which ever you use the  technique will be the same to create a frame, round, square or rectangle.  The picture tubes can be  used to  create round or oval  frames using the vector  tube script, even rounded cornered rectangles or squares.  The same will apply for some brushes, using the vector  brush script.    To create the frame I  used in the frame, I used Carole’s   mitered corner script, which is very quick and easy.  There is also the circular script.  If you don’t have them, check out  these two tutorials in the creative scrap, in the campus.  Ribbon frame and  wood frame.   I find it’s always a good idea to learn how to  do these things myself.  Even though I have the scripts, as more often than not a  technique will be demonstrated, which can be used in other ways,  for different projects.