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Rene Marker
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I’m like Euka. I use my mouse and not the keyboard (except for text). However, I have set up a custom tool bar that has all the icons I use the most. Over 30 of them right at the top of my screen. Just click on it and it either activates the tool or brings up the box to make adjustments.

Yes, the tools are on the left of the screen but for say the pick tool, if that isn’t the one selected in that grouping, you have to change it. With the pick tool being on my custom tool bar, I click on it and have the pick tool. The icons for items from the menus really saves time, especially something like drop shadow that is used a lot.

This is just something that I have done through many versions of PSP. In fact, I have a written list so that I can set it up when I get a new version (since most of the time that doesn’t transfer from a previous version).