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Mary (#74203) did you forget to add (or to unhide) shadows on the photos? (#74208) You remembered the shadows on this one. 🙂

Susan (#74204) those two pages are beautiful and work well together. It is interesting how you tweaked those templates. (#74250) Those owls are so cute. I saw further that you figured out the issue with the Magic Wand. So many settings exist for most tools that it is very easy to miss one.

Anita (#74206) as you figured out, whenever you use the Text tool (or a vector tool), it will create OBJECTS that are parts of a vector “group” so to speak. That means that you can end up with several objects for a single vector layer.

Pirkko (#74209) yes, that works so well that I thought it was part of the photo itself. (#74260) That feathered edge on the title is very interesting!

Corrie (#74212) did your husband end up taking flight too or was he the “designated photographer”? (#74246) One tip I can share: sometimes, small photos can be used when photos are bad quality (which is not your case) or when you might want to show smaller details of a larger photo (like the ball in a baseball photo).

Fiona (#74214) although the circle could be used for a photo spot, I didn’t use it for that. I used a paper instead. However, your doily is also a great element to use there.

Ann S (#74218) the Clip to it script will work under some specific conditions: you have to have the photo/paper just above the shape you want it clipped to, and the photo/paper layer should be active when you run the script. If you want to test it, give this a try.

Marie-Claire (#74220) those shadows definitely look more realistic. And I love how you created the FB header! Great colors. (#74241) The shadows are also correct on this one! You are getting there. (#74257) It is great to see that even though you changed the position of the greeneries, the shadows were correctly adjusted.

Liz (#74224) you layered the various elements very well. The title shows the shadow of the greenery, which is a nice touch. Well done.

Sharla (#74226) I love that background paper you used. Can you remember where you got it from? Although you said it was challenging, the result is very eye-pleasing.

Cristina (#74234) is that your dog? It is interesting to see the same photo used twice on a single layout. It is not common but it works.

Lynda (#74237) the layout for Ukraine works perfectly well with that kit! And the base shapes really look like a sunflower! (#74243) I had to look twice at the photo to realize that it was an upside-down dancer!

Sue (#74239) that lace frame is so delicate and elegant!

Gramie (#74253) in the Materials palette, the tiny swatches are mostly meant for the gradient, like the Foreground/Background, where you can change those solid colors. For the Text, it will use what is in the larger swatches at the time you click on the project to start adding the Text. If you want to change something to a text that is already applied on the project, you have to highlight it and then you can change some settings (like the colors, the size, the font, etc.) For the two windows for the Drop Shadow, look on the top of that window for the word Preview. There is a tiny triangle on the left. Click on it and it will drop down those windows (just like the little triangle you would get to the left of a group in the Layers palette).

Nancy (#74261) hopefully you will get a spring soon! I see one missing shadow on the top photo. Am I seeing right? Also, on the text on the tag, I think a shadow is there but is just not needed since ink has no thickness.

Joyce (#74263) the second most time-consuming task is choosing the components (photos and supplies)! Who is that cutie in the photos?

Randy (#74266) (1) for the dull photos, I doubt adding a frame would affect the photo however, if you rotate a photo, it will often blur it a little bit. If you rotate multiple times before getting to the correct placement, the blur adds up. Could that be the explanation?  (2) Rearranging the elements is also a good idea. (3) For the script, it might depend on how it was recorded; rearranging layers would require similar layers on both. A few members have taken the scripting course and commented that sometimes, there is more to edit than just the recording part. If you were to record the same steps, with the same layers, on the same image, there are more chances that it will work. If you use a different image, you might have different layer arrangement and the script won’t know the difference, and will fail. 🙁

Gerry (#74274) those are great photos! And I like how you added the year, which is something that is very appropriate when displaying this kind of photos!

Linda (#74280) considering that you have a larger text and a smaller one, I would likely switch the shadows: a bit larger for the larger text and smaller for the sub-title.

Lois (#74289) it looks like your title is floating. It has a similar shadow as the flower while it should have something more similar to the photos/papers.

Tomorrow is the last lesson of this workshop. I hope you are getting more comfortable now. And for those who are following the workshop and have not posted (I know there are some of you) it is not too late!