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Susan Ewart
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Lesson 6 Diamond extra.  I found out my problem with the magic wand.  The “all layers”  was “magically” (read: something dumb I did somewhere along the way) checked.  I unchecked it and all was right with the universe again.

This layout is a beaded and foldformed (copper part) bodice made by Megan Parks for an exhibition about breast cancer awareness I believe.  I cant even comprehend the amount of work in this piece.  I used the kit (Digital Scrapbook) for the papers and the elements except the yellow strips that I took a selection from to get the flowers centered.  the font is Cinzel Decorative (CF). I liked the part in the videos about changing the paper color, which I did with the dark Magenta-blue (purple) paper and the Green I used a blend mode, but I forget which one. I had not used blend modes until this class.