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I get so confused with the big and small squares in the Materials Palette!  I used the Text Tool to type my first word in the title and then couldn’t get the color of red and the stroke color I wanted.  I found out if I make any changes, I have to select the Text by click and drag and not just have the rectangle selection around it. Yet I still couldn’t get the squares figured out as to which ones to use.  Also, in doing a drop shadow, I don’t have the two windows to look at to compare how to make the settings.  Mine (2022) just shows it on the photo or item on the page so I have to undo to change the settings if they are too strong or weak. I also had trouble when to close the group and merge it.  Apparently, I did it too soon and then I couldn’t do one set of flowers and balloons. I had to go back to the video to watch you get the paper background to be outside the rest of it. I struggled but learned a lot!  I even was able to install and use the two scripts you used. They were a time saver! So I made mine with wedding bouquets to send as an anniversary card.