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Susan Ewart
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Corrie, I love the photo of the balloon shadow.  Great touch.

Day 6 layout.

Font is Mystery Quest (CF), photo’s mine, bead art, Megan Parks.  I promised I’d do a lighter layout and here I am dark, dark, dark.  wish I’d noticed the blue paper off centre before I did stuff with it.  For some reason the magic wand wouldn’t work as it did before.  don’t know what I was doing wrong.  I had to click it twice then invert the selection then go up to the paper and hit the delete key.  Hopefully I will get to the second layout.  I must go “adult” now and get groceries and do errands.  It’s a beautiful spring day….if I ignore the 2 inches of snow I woke up to 😒.  papers and elements are Digital Scrapbook.  I tried adding more elements but I couldn’t settle on anything that made sense to me.  I need to alter my ideas of it not needing to make sense, such as the flowers that really have nothing to do with beading, but they are cute.  So I added owls, cause who doesnt like owls.  I added an inner bevel to try and make them more plump and played with the shadow, not sure if I got it.  There was too much shadow at the toes and I played till the shadow was smaller.