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Rene Marker
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In response to #72404 Susan.

A question for Rene.  When you said you changed the shadows because as you go up the layers the papers would be farther from the base.  Do you base the shadowing on it’s relative nearness to the paper directly below it or to the very bottom layer (further away).  I was wondering because a paper layered on another paper (even several layers up) would be the same distance to the paper right below it as the first paper up from the base would be to the base.  Does this makes sense.  I like to hear about how people tackle shadows and make note of their techniques.

It depends. A lot of the templates I use do not have the papers stacked right on top of each other but offset somewhat. For those that are stacked right on top of another layer with no offset then yes, I do use the same shadowing. But if any part of the right/bottom side of the paper is offset then I might change the shadow because that paper would be farther from the background. It also depends on how it looks which is why I shadow from the bottom up. Also, the difference in the shadow is actually small. My normal paper shadow preset is 10-10-70-20. I might change it to 12-12-70-20. So a minimal change that most people wouldn’t even notice.

It is really the elements that have more depth to them that might have more change in the depth of the shadows since when layering those elements in clusters, some are right on the background and others aren’t and if any part of that element higher in the cluster appears to be on the background, it needs to have a deeper shadow. Again especially if it is on the bottom/right side of the cluster (since that is where the shadows are).

I actually paper scrapped over 20 years ago and lot of these techniques were taught to me then. I just had to learn how to convert to digital. I’ve seen some digital layouts done by people much more creative than me that have so much depth to them, I would think they were done with paper if I didn’t know better. I strive to be more like them!