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Pirkko (#74120) did you modify the irregular shape to accommodate your photo? If so, that is a great adjustment for a great effect.

Fiona (#74134) sometimes, those white frames are a bit hard to identify and match with the correct photo. It has happened to me too.

Euka (#74136) that is quite a colorful page!

Trish (#74139) thanks for letting me know. Those droplets looked really good. (#74141) Who would have thought that the polar bear’s skin was black? (#74159) That is a very soft layout with subtle patterns.

Ann S (#74143) those added little arrows are great ways to add details.

Susan (#74148) although a shadow would not show much because of the dark background, it would still show on some areas, like where the photos are overlapping, and for the frame, on the top left of the page. Of course, on the title, it would not show at all.

Hank (#74155) it is a great idea to show the sun as setting behind those papers! You might want to review your shadows: they are in different directions (like the patterned flower and the ribbons for example).

Jnet (#74157) the script will put the layers just above the one that you have activated, so if you choose the right one to start, it will be added correctly. Otherwise, you might still be searching for it!

Rene (#74165) somehow, I did expect you to have your own process as you are already a veteran scrapbooker! If you ever change your mind, you at least know where those tools are. And yes, when you have two monitors, that would definitely work out faster.

Julie (#74173) of course, I had to show you the loooong way to make you appreciate the shortcuts! In fact, the long way can still be useful in some situations where the script would not work well (you will see in Lesson 6). As Sue has replied, yes you can save the frame separately; simply copy and paste it as a new image, and save it as a png format. But with some practice, you won’t need to save them as you will just create them in a few seconds.

Joyce (#74175) although you didn’t “fix” that error, you know how to do it, so that is a win, don’t you think? After the workshop is over, you can always go back to and download other layered templates to continue!

Sue (#74177) I guess using all the photo spots for a single photo is a great way to complete the project faster (but of course, it is not cheating if the photo calls for it!).

Minka (#74183) the fact that you rotated the template got me confused! LOL Your shadows are a bit wide and blurred. I also suspect they are in a different direction than I would expect; I see them toward the top right instead of the bottom right. Also, they would need to be smaller and more defined especially for elements that are flat against the background like the stitching. Because you have photos over photos, you might want to consider cheating a bit by using some reverse shadows on the tiny ones in the middle. You can read about that in this post.

Lois (#74185) thank you for making us travel with you.

Marvin (#74188) such a fun page to showcase a happy event (and a cute little girl!)

Nancy (#74192) by adding a shadow, whether your element is black or not, the blur will give the desired effect. For the title, it is up to you to decide if you want the letters cut out of paper, or printed. Both would work.

Gerry (#74193) I guess you will have to make a matching page for Rudy!

Randy (#74195) great work!!! Your shadows are all very consistent!

Keep it up. Only two days left!