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I can hear the alligators already and it’s not even April yet. I guess they don’t pay attention to the calendar.  I am mindful about walking in the dark!!!  An alligator can probably outrun me for about twenty/thirty feet.  I took a few liberties again with the template and I would like to go back and redo the little boxed pictures … but I am all out of time for today so won’t get to it until some time over the weekend.  I played with making the picture the entire background and then altering it a bit.  I made the alligator ric rack with Carole’s easy-peasy ric rack maker script.  I guess it will have to stand for today.  It’s fun to make something, then sit back and decide how to redo a portion for perhaps a better effect.  The alligator signs are all up at my condo complex around the pond.  It always surprises me how little attention the VRBO folks pay attention to them while they walk their little pets not eight to ten feet from the waters edge.  Coming home from there to my house the other day there was a ten footer just laying right beside the road!  I thought perhaps he had been hit, but no, he walked right across the road.  These are the months, they are on the move lookin’ for luv! And they are noisy about it!  Have a nice weekend everyone.