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Julie Magerka
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Lesson 4 Template: Something went wrong with the shadow and white frame on the large framed photo. But by that point, I was past caring. I wanted to do the steps and correct as much as possible as I went along, but by then I was too weary to try and fix that. Also, forgot to blur the masked photo to soften the edges.

I am SO happy with the two scripts: Open rename & Clip To It. I’m glad Carole made me go through the l-o-n-g version of doing those steps so I would REALLY appreciate the shortcuts!

I do foster dogs. The one in lower right is a long-term one (with me still). The two in the frames in the centre found a new home together. And the wee girl in the mask crossed the Rainbow Bridge after two years here. I always get the older dogs, usually with some health issues, but that’s the point. I want them to spend their remaining time in comfort and be spoiled.

Question: If I save the “page border” layer from this template, can I use it again in other projects? I’ve often wondered how to create that effect, with a thin border. The double border is even better as an option.