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Rene Marker
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I had some things come up this week and just now caught up on watching the videos. I ended up ordering a new computer on Monday but it won’t be here for several weeks. Once it is, the scrapping shall begin again!

Just wanted to comment on lesson 5. I scrap with templates all the time and they all have placeholders. Like Carole showed, just because a flower is shown it doesn’t have to be used. In the past I might have used stars or hearts instead or not use anything at all. The one thing I did learn early in my scrapping that was when applying shadows, to start with the bottom layer and work your way up the layer palette. Quite often if I have a stack of papers in varying sizes, it won’t look right with the same shadow on every layer. Because as you go higher in the layers, you would be going farther away from the background paper if you were actually using paper. By starting the shadowing at the bottom, I can see how each layer will look as I go up the palette and adjust when needed.  I also tend to do lots of clustering (say over 5 elements in a cluster) and the top element of that cluster is farther away from the background especially if there is some depth to the elements below it. I also have drop shadow presets set up for my most used settings and it is just a matter of selecting which preset to use although I do sometimes adjust.

I have the open as layer script but never use it. I have 2 monitors and use a program where I can see all my supplies much easier than windows explorer. This program is open all the time when I scrap so I just drag and drop my chosen paper/element right into the layer palette (works with windows explorer as well) and the name of the paper/element shows as the layer name. I’ll just say I don’t like using the open command in PSP to find stuff. I have over 3000 folders with items to use in them (collected over a period of 14 years).

I do not have the clip to it script and don’t plan on getting it at this time. Let’s just say, I have a process down that works for me quite well.

I do like learning little things like changing the color on stitching in this lesson. I usually delete a stitching layer in a template because I never liked how it looked. Learning this will be something I can try in the future and I might learn to love stitching!