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Susan Ewart
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OMG! Trish, so cute.  Have you seen the show ARCTIC VETS?  It’s a Canadian Show about veterinarians and keepers at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It has lots of polar bears featured and they have an exhibit where you go through a glass type tunnel in the pool that the polar bears are swimming in.  It’s a dream of my hubby and me to go there.

here is my Day 4 layouts.  I didn’t add drop shadows because they didn’t really show up and really looked weird on the Font (Lover Brooks Sans Outline from CF).  I liked the frame technique.  I really like the Clip to It.  I will have to go back to the long way after the workshop until I can do the steps as fast as the script (hahaha, I’m obviously wearing my “rose-colored-glasses” again).  I did add frames to the Faces-2 smaller photo’s to separate them a bit.

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