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You are all doing so great. Keep it up!

Anita (#73992) I am glad the script now makes sense to you. It will surely become a favorite. On your page, did you miss the shadow on the first word of the title?

Matsugirl (#73995) did you get the explanation for the vanishing text? It has to do with the Wrapped Text. It is explained at the end of this post.

Susan (#74000) I am glad you enjoy your membership. Let’s hope it will encourage others who might still be on the fence. (#74108) I am glad that you showcased the poster template with and without shadows. It illustrates very well that different purposes will require different approaches: a poster is typically meant to look flat, while a scrapbook page will be expected to look realistic and dimensional.

Joyce (#74002) it is interesting how you changed the colors of the greeneries to something else than green. It goes well with the colors of the layout. (#74068) Beautiful display of photos for that good-looking dog! (#74112) So many interesting ideas to explore, right? (#74114) Is this a duplicate post?

Pirkko (#74005) although I see that you angle your shadows differently than I do, I have to say that they still look good because they are very realistic and consistent. (#74043) Reducing the opacity of the papers to show the ones underneath is a very clever way to tweak your page. And the additional flower is a nice touch too!

Ann S (#74007) adding that branch really gives the impression that the animal is hiding, ready to pounce. Great addition. (#74031) I had not noticed that the shadow was on top of the title; I thought you just used a dark pattern. We might not have noticed if you had not said anything, since we didn’t know what the pattern was supposed to look like!

Theresa (#74009) those colors give a really warm feel and obviously, it is all well coordinated. (#74096) Although I cannot be certain (as I didn’t see the issue you explained), one possible explanation is that the Magic Wand was used on the wrong layer OR with a wrong “mode”.  But I am glad you found a way to solve your issue.

Sharla (#74014) you have rotated the leaves from the bottom right, and in doing so, the shadow is now going upward, as if it was lit from the bottom, which is now inconsistent with the other shadows on the page, including the one on the left side. If you need to rotate a shadowed element, you have to either adjust the shadow accordingly or recreate it to stay consistent. I am also wondering if the shadow layer has been added above the leaves? (#74035) I am glad that you tried that script and you find it useful. Scripts are such useful tools (usually).

Julie (#74015) using the wrong workspace is a very common issue simply because PSP will default to the Essential workspace if you reinstall or reset it. And since it looks similar to what you are used to, it is easy not to realize it.

Euka (#74020) although you likely didn’t use a blend mode to show the texture of the greenery, the effect is still very interesting as if it was a cutout paper.

Trish (#74022) I hope your son is doing ok. Remember that if he needs more time from you, PSP will stay around. (#74024) Are those water drops made from an overlay or a patterned paper? (#74060) You can probably use the same settings for all your paper elements. I think the large green paper has a shadow that would be expected, while the others seem a little thin. (#74078) Be careful about adding “thick” elements (the greeneries on the right) when your photo does not seem to have any shadow as it would likely be lifted from all those stems.

Jnet (#74026) if the script works with a name change, it likely is because you had another copy in the Restricted scripts folder, and that is the first folder PSP will reach in. You created a very nice blending between the photo and the paper.

Fiona (#74029) be careful with the shadows on the title. If you look closely, the bottom left corner of the letters (the H for example), you can see an obvious gap between the letter and the shadow, which means that the light goes under the letters. The only way it can happen is if the letter is off the paper, and the light seeps underneath. If that is the case, it means it is floating. 🙂 (#74038) Having a border as part of a photo is something that is also very common and could have been done on purpose, so we can’t tell it was a “mistake” at all!

Gerry (#74033) do you share all those pages with your family? I hope they love seeing how you showcase those photos so beautifully. (#74104) Those photos are so great. No wonder you want to showcase them!

Mary (#74040) that choice of the moon instead of a paper, is very good, creative and perfectly appropriate for the layout. (#74100) I hope you will continue to use those scripts. I know I use them all the time when using templates (and even when working from scratch).

Ann L (#74045) did you forget the shadow on the bottom photo?

Lois (#74056) yes, you will need practice but with comfort comes assurance (knowing that nothing will blow up!) (#74103) I also love that font for titles as it is so easy to read.

Sue (#74058) it is so fun to see how you tweak the “basic” elements with just little details that make your pages “next-level”. That little corner element and the overlapping photos/frames give elegance.

Alan (#74063) if it is starting to pay off after four days, imagine after seven days! It is nice to see how you used the same photo twice on a layout. It is not common but can give great results!

Corrie (#74066) be careful about adding writing over two separate surfaces. Check this post for more details. (#74084) Great way to tweak the starting templates to suit your needs (you are ahead of the lessons, hehe)

Marie-Claire (#74083) Can you try to reduce the opacity and increase the blur a bit for your shadows? Just a tad to make them less “obvious”.

Bonnie (#74086) it is so fun to meet all your friends and travel with you!

Minka (#74090) it is interesting how you seem to have used two photos blended together instead of a photo and a paper.

Randy (#74092) it is so encouraging for me to see that something from a previous tutorial/lesson/class is now carried over to this workshop. That means that all those techniques are getting more use in more projects.

Linda (#74110) have you considered making it only a faint shadow on the title? Sometimes, it is not just a matter of adding one or not, but also just a matter of how obvious or discrete it is. Maybe you tried and still chose not to have any.