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Susan Ewart
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Lesson 3 plus extra.  Clip-To-It is so fast.  I had previously bought it but didn’t know how to use it, time goes on and I forgot I had it.  It was like getting a surprise gift when I looked and saw it.

Geometric: PMC clay beads by Melanie Rowe, photo by me.  Font is Christmas Glee (from CF) papers from Digital Scrapbook.  I used the doge and burn blend modes on the elements and reduced the opacity to look like a watercolor wash.

Mask: PMC Mask by Melanie Rowe, photo by me.  I should mention the metal clay and glass masks Melanie first carves a wax mold and then uses a refractory mold mix (mold mix 6) and brushes on many small layers (letting it dry in between) of this mold mix over the wax (I’ve done it, it’s painstaking). Then burns out the wax and the mold is ready for hot glass or metal clay to be pressed into.  I have two mask layouts, one shadowed and one not.  No shadow it’s as if it was a poster.  The fonts are Ernestone Script (“Mask” with glyphs-M&L) and quote is Viner Hand. I used flood fill for the colors, was playing around and keeping it simple.