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Sue Thomas
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Day 4.  A  lovely template to work with.  I had other plans for today’s  template. That is until I  spotted the ground squirrel while I was outside having my elevenses, a cup of tea and a welsh cake or two.  I grabbed the camera, and started shooting.  This chap hibernated under the tack room.  Truly a sign that Spring can’t be that far away.  Fingers crossed!

Carole, your comment, about having to look twice at my pages……. made me smile. Thank you ever so much for your comment. I genuinely  appreciate your words. As you know I’m not a fussy, frilly creator. I am a stickler for fine detail though.  I feel just one small  detail can make a page  pop.

I used Carole’s  lifted photo script. Replaced one photo with a tag with journaling.  Lifted corners of  the photos over their frames, tilted the frames.  Added  a corner font to two of the corners, to balance the  page, instead of using the frame  provided.  Background paper: took a  neutral colour from the  photo, added an overlay, and  a hint of texture.  This template was meant for  this  little beauty!