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Great projects posted so far. If you have not started, it is not too late!

Susan (#73907), it is a good thing that you are going to have long time access to those lessons; if time is limited now, you will be able to catch up. (#73949) Very good reasoning about not adding shadows to the title. Although SOME titles can be made of cutout papers, the font you chose was definitely more of a “painted” effect. If you want to add some details, you can create an edge where it overlaps two surfaces. You can read about it HERE.

Matsugirl (#73909) that is such a neat photo to showcase. Eventually, you should find a way to add stories and memories to this page or even make a second page with text. It could become a double-page full of conversation starters!

Anita (#73911) yes, an outline will work well, but only with bold fonts. Using it with fine or ornate fonts would be much different. Glad that those tips were helpful.

Fiona (#73918) let me answer your questions. For the transparency, since the layer has the icon, it means that only that layer will have it locked. It will replace every non-transparent pixel by another color of your choice while retaining the transparency. That means that faint blue pixels can be turned to faint red pixels, which is not possible otherwise. In older versions of PSP, you could click anywhere on the layer and every non-transparent pixel will be replaced. In more recent versions, you need to Select all (Ctrl-A) to get the same result. As for the text that disappears, you probably resized the layout while the text was still in vector format; this is an oddity of the Text Wrapping (you can read about it HERE). So you didn’t do anything wrong; you just need to make a duplicate copy of the text and convert it to raster. That one will resize and stay visible. (#73939) Those scripts are optional, and you surely can do all the steps manually.

Ann (#73920) those are beautiful images very well showcased.

Cristina M (#73922) this kit fits the photo perfectly. This is a great start for your workshop.

Hank (#73923) that Buttonize effect can be quite effective. I would suggest you reduce a bit your shadows: on the stitching, it should not be blurred as the thread is expected to be close against the paper, and then, you are using the reverse shadow, but a bit too large and too dark; that “reverse” shadow should be barely visible.

Marie-Claire (#73925) will you change your FB header with this one? (#73944) Was that a font you used or an alpha, for your HONEY title?

Cristina (#73927) using a blend mode is another great way to change colors, especially if you want an “overall” shade like in your project. Thanks for sharing that tip.

Ann S (#73931) for the text size issue, are you highlighting the text when you change the size? Are you using Points or Pixels for a size?

Theresa (#73936) it is a good idea to have a light area under the text when the paper is patterned. It makes that text stand out.

Christiane (#73940) looking forward to even just a handful of projects you can post.

Sue (#73947) I always need to look at the projects twice and think about it. You customize those templates in a way that makes your project completely unique.

Anne L (#73952) those butterflies are perfect for that flower!

Julie (#73955) no more trauma!!! You can now use templates without nightmares! For the greeneries on your page, did you play with the opacity of the top layers? It looks like we see the shadows THROUGH the leaves. Because you used a well-defined font for the title, you can probably add a shadow to it. (#73958) If you don’t see the same options it is likely that you are working with the Essential workspace. Go to File > Workspace  > Complete. That will give you access to all the commands, including those that are “hidden” in the Essential workspace.

Gerry (#73956) this is a fantastic photo. Do you have the name of all the people in the picture? You can consider making a second page to make it double, so you can use that space for the names, and maybe the story of the oak too.

Marvin (#73960) keep sharing photos of that cutie!! This second project looks great. Is that you in the picture?

Minka (#73964) no wonder you worked hard on that layout. There are so many details!!

Jnet (#73966) the script has to be put in the Trusted folder. If you still have that error, it could be that you have a copy of it in the Restricted scripts folder. To make sure, edit the name by adding a suffix (like “-B) to the one in the Trusted scripts folder. You will then see if another one with the original name still appears in the drop-down list.

Corrie (#73974) we are following that adventure very closely. It was a good idea to replace the leaves with feathers.

Mary (#73976) thanks for the mention of that site. Something we can look into. I love those photo compositions for super-heros. That is something I would love to do for a class.

Lynda (#73981) getting a new computer is both exciting and frustrating when you have to reinstall everything. Hopefully, it will make you happy in the long run!

Alan (#73983) the choice of papers is perfect for the photo and the theme! I probably would have expected several wood patterns to be overwhelming, but you proved me wrong!

Lois (#73985) beautiful. Are you feeling a bit more comfortable with the steps yet?

Bonnie (#73987) will you remember that date in 10 years? You should find a way to add it in the layout, even if only as a note. I have to admit that I don’t always add dates either and I should. I am getting at that age where I do wonder when a photo was taken if I don’t have a reference point. (#73989) Are those photos from the trail cam?