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I made this template about ten times before I got one I liked.  I guess there just wasn’t enough cookies around me for inspiration!  I took great liberties with the template … such is life.  While I downloaded a ton of the kits, I didn’t end up using any of them.  I found one Free Wallpaper of a forest and split it in half and then made the papers with just what is given in PSP.  I feel for all the animals around me.  I know people have to live, too, but this area is just pushing them out with the building boom and I’m not sure where people expect them to go?  I wish there could be some sort of program for more land dedicated to animals.  I know it will never happen, but it’s a good/happy thought.  The animals, I purchased online.  The font is a favorite of mine when big letters are needed called Freshman.  I am absolutely thrilled to see so MANY entries and so many new names!  And the works are ALL FABULOUS!  A joy to look at and experience a small portion of your talents. 🙂  Thank you.