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Euka (#73808), yes, that is very pink, but also very well coordinated.

Pirkko (#73812), I love how you added that string to the cat. It is a sort of out-of-bound creation with a twist.

Joyce (#73814) that cutout of the figures gives a very interesting effect. I had to look twice thinking first that it was just an out-of-bound effect, but seeing other shadows in the middle, I realized it was a cutout. (#73854) that layout where you used the wood as a paper gives such an interesting effect. Your variations show how versatile a single template can be!

Anita (#73816) that is a very delicate project and you mixed the patterns without overpowering anything.

Marvin (#73820) who is that cutie in the photo? (#73880) That is a very colorful page. It makes me smile just looking at it.

Julie (#73822) you can always replace the image with a new one if you edit it. 🙂  (#73878) Templates are meant to be tools and starting points. Sometimes, we have a clear idea what we want our layout to look like. That is when we don’t need templates. But if we are lacking inspiration OR we want to just go faster, then templates will be a life-saver! I hope you were not traumatized by the mask? I think you might have forgotten a couple of shadows.

Jnet (#73825) the shadows definitely add some volume. However, I would suggest that you adjust the shadows a little: they are wide and blurred, suggesting that the elements are floating a bit. Reduce the offset and the blur, and see how it looks. (#73859) Did you use an overlay over all the papers or were all the papers textured the same way?

Kathy (#73829) thanks for the heads up.

Hank (#73833) when a post does not appear, refresh your page. If it is still missing, drop me an email. Sometimes, some posts are caught in the spam filter (for some unknown reason). That was the case with your post. Your layout shows a lot of volume. I would suggest to avoid shadows on the “written text”, as it should not have any thickness. All the other shadows are very consistent. Buttonizing can give a very interesting effect!

Susan (#73843) the papers you used look like they have glitters. Perfect for the theme!

Randy (#73845) to answer your question, you can only set a size for a font that will allow the height of the characters. Each font has its own proportions, so if you set the height, you don’t control the width: some fonts are narrow, some fonts are wide. So if you want/need a different proportion, you will have to stretch or squish as needed. At least, it is still in vector format, so you won’t lose quality.

Liz (#73850) great result. Your shadows are very consistent. (#73861) Are you going to use that FB header?

Sharla (#73863), great layout. I think you can consider adding a reverse shadow to this layout. That will be explained in Lesson 6, so keep this layout available as you might want to review it.

Marie-Claire (#73865) you used a fun effect with the two-color title on the two different surfaces. Well done.

Corrie (#73867) this is so interesting to follow that adventure!

Sue (#73871) your projects are always delightful and give so many ideas to beginners and veterans too.

Alan (#73872) your layouts are wonderful. Where did you get the supplies for the first template? I LOVE that rainbow paper!

Theresa (#73874) yes, sometimes, part of the photo (or paper) will hide outside of the paper. Holding the SHIFT key while moving that layer can give you access to that section, which you can then select and delete, or use the Eraser tool. Sue also has another way to trim those outside sections, as long as they don’t show on the image itself.

Gerry (#73876) those letters are so much fun!!!

Lois (#73882) great layout. That is a very cute font!

Mary (#73888) I am sure you will now be using those adjustment tools to make any supplies fit better with your photos.

Bonnie (#73894) did you forget the title?

Linda (#73897) when you move a layer, the shadow normally moves too as it is linked by default, but that is only when you use the Move tool. If you use the Pick tool, it overrides the linking and the grouping. Were you using the Pick tool by any chance?