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THE PICTURE — I used a picture I developed using PaintShop Pro. I actually started with something that I set up in Corel Particle Shop and brought it back into PaintShop Pro.  There I used it as a seed to play around with and come up with interesting things using Kaleidoscope. – used also for the background and the bar on the left by selecting as a pattern (I actually took the cropped picture and pasted as new image to be able to get from the pattern – without the surrounding part that I did not want, allowing for a transparent part between each occurrence).

THE FONT — Cinerama – The Up and Down effect was accomplished by using lower and upper case alternatively – one has up hill and one has down hill. I really liked what the bevel did to this but I decided to reduce depth to 15 from Carole’s setting as I liked that better. It was nice that the number of letters allowed me to have an even number of letters to have the first and last letter in opposite orientation.

THE PAPER — from – used as background for the text and for the bar on the left.

OTHER THOUGHTS – I was thinking that it might be nice to work with each of the while circles with this picture also but maybe that would be too busy.

THE SIDE BAR NOTE – I decided to keep adjusting the setting for the pattern until it fit with the border. If I had been doing this without the template, I probably would have worked a circle to set the pattern in, or made it part of the pattern.

LEARNING GOES ON – As noted by others, these workshops have the benefit of teaching new things and reinforcing what we have learned in the past.

CTRL+Y (Redo) – in one of the things I tried, I wanted to add Gaussian Blur and tried multiple times to get it more and more blurry. I wondered if there was a way to get a Gaussian Blur with attitude so that I did not have to apply so many times.

QUESTION – With the Font, I had to stretch using the pick tool to get to fit to the height and width I wanted. Are there settings on the TEXT tool that I could have used to make this fit without using the pick tool?

Thank you, Carole for your instruction.

Thank you to everyone who has posted. Really great works of art have been presented.