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Hank, (#73753) very interesting variation on the tutorial, and it works well.

Ann (#73755), I laughed at your “torturing” of the circles into eggs! I am a little uneasy with the shadowing of the “eggs”. I suspect you wanted to add a shadow based on the light coming from the incubator, but it seems inconsistent with the other shadows of the page. (#73759) Are you assuming that the dots are made of snow? Is that why you added shadows?

Sue (#73761), very good idea to replace the dots with birds. I am sure that will inspire others to create out of the box.

Minka (#73763) I never would have guessed it was the same supplies! You might want to add some shadows to give your page even more 3D effects. (#73783) that is a definite splash of colors!

Fiona (#73765), that dandelion looks perfect for that circle spot!

Jnet (#73768) beautiful photo and great changes to the template. I would suggest that you avoid the cut edges of the string of flowers, or you can enlarge it to reach the edge?

Joyce (#73771) yes, you can use her favorite color OR pick a color from the photo. HERE is an article in ideas on how to pick colors for a layout.

Lois (#73773) that is a great photo to showcase. Did you shrink it a bit vertically? I suspect it is slightly distorted. Is that possible?

Liz (#73775) it is ok to follow to the letter at first. It is just like a recipe: the first time, you follow it to understand it, then, you can start tweaking it to suit your photo and your own preferences.

Mary (#73777) I also prefer the mask technique, but for someone totally new to using templates, this is the simplest way. Tomorrow, we will look at masks.

Marie-Claire (#73779) great photo that reminds me that today is the first day of spring, even though it was snowing here today.

Sharla (#73781) it is funny how for me, snow is as normal as mosquitoes in the summer, while it is not the case for everyone.

Rene (#73784) I don’t mind at all. Resizing the image is a good idea when it is larger than the full project size. I also tend to use a certain percentage and then finish resizing “manually” while I can see where everything goes.

Corrie (#73787) playing with the opacity gives a lot more flexibility as you can tweak just the way you like it.

Anita (#73789) is that your cat? Stay safe, and come back tomorrow.

Bonnie (#73791) the “bubbles” could just be a splash of color as if you had some brush work. With some blur, it could become a sort of “texture”.

Gerry (#73796) great to see the FB header template used.

Sharon (#73798) what a cutie smile. Definitely worth showcasing it!

Pirkko (#73800) another good idea to replace the bubbles with the paw prints.

For those who have not posted yet, don’t be shy. This is not a contest, but simply a series of practices for you to get more comfortable with PSP and scrapbooking. Looking forward to your projects.