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Mary Solaas
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Trish – your E is beautiful; that lace looks like a bridal veil.
So I guess I’m on a roll. Usually it’s hard to determine what picture(s) to use when pursuing the labs. The colors I had used iin creating papers usually determines what I’m going to use. This is Lab 7 Mod 8. Learned to make a triangle pattern and I made several papers with it. I used green for this one. The pattern is with an open background, so I supplied a lighter green for this background; learned to make a random pattern (Carole chooses a heart to make the random pattern and so I did too) – one of the results is the small paper behind the picture; learned to make a circler wooden round into a painted wooden round (the paint does not completely cover the wooden object – it’s in the bottom left corner of the layout. Think I will go back and make a rectangle or square object also – could see using them more than a round one. Used the open background down arrow paper I made before and changed the background color of it to white. The font used was Brush Script MT. The daises and leaves are from picture tubes. The background which makes a frame for the triangle background paper is a gradient which I chose with a 45 degree angle to flood fill the layer. It’s fun learning in the labs. Sometimes I go back and redo things learned in an earlier version. I do enjoy the Diamond Membership!

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