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Susan Ewart
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Wow Mary, I love that layout and the blue snowflake paper is devine.  I think it’s a wonderful idea doing the Labs, it is like taking classes and it looks like you are learning a lot of techniques.

I’m still pluggin’ away with masks.  Today is  our torbie, Emi.  We called her our Beautiful Blessing (some sources on google said it’s the Japanese meaning for Emi – google knows all, right? 😜). We got Emi when Pye passed away on the operating table during a dental procedure – they had called me to come pick her up and in the 8 min drive her heart stopped.  Tesh went downhill without her lifelong sister.  We searched and searched and found Emi, at the Humane Society, they called her a “cattitude” cat, meaning she had behavior issues and might never want to be handled.  They couldn’t have been more wrong.  She was a cuddle bug after settling in and had this amazing zest for life and play.  If a cat could laugh, that was her.  After about 6 months Tesh warmed up to her and they started sleeping together regularly.  Sadly, Emi was very lethargic and weak one Sunday (the day before completely fine) and we rushed her to emergency. After 24 hours in an oxygen chamber we said goodbye to her.  It was believed her heart valve failed.  This was the hardest page to make.  Tesh, who we found out had pancreatitis (through ultrasound)  and who had a fabulous pain-free year thanks to our wonderful vet (NOT the same vet as Pye) passed over the rainbow bridge 2 month later.  Still to come are my current (living) gals and our very first cat who lived a long full life.

The fonts for Beautiful Blessing (using the character map) is Octagon and I forget the title font.  I made dots in two colors and was deciding which I liked and I could see the other color slightly offset (I made two separate images for the dots, for the practice) and liked the effect so I kept it.