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Susan Ewart
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I am practicing with masks today.  Here is  Pye two with different backgrounds.  I think I like the white-ish one best.  She went over the rainbow bridge in a very sudden and unexpected way a few years ago.  She was a sweet gentle soul who always knew when you needed a lap kitty.

Pye came to us through the BCSPCA.  We had decided to adopt two cats (she’ll be in later layouts) and had them picked out.  While describing them to the SPCA on the phone they had too many with the same description so I jumped in the car to go and point out the two.  When I got there I saw Pye, she looked up at me with these huge eyes and had the tiniest meow.  And that was it, she was ours.  My hubby and I had just watched the movie “Bell, Book and Candle” with Kim Novak and James Stewart and decided to call her Pyewacket …because we “thought” she looked exactly like the cat in the movie.  A few months later we watched the movie again…and laughed so hard when we saw Pyewacket is a Siamese!  From then on we’d say she “magic’d” us that day that we adopted her.

Background papers are kaleidoscope and dots, all learned in the Mask Workshop (which I loved) and available in Diamond membership (which I love even more 😊).

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