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When you give the user different options, I only think of how many “if’s-else’s, etc.” the script must have!

Yes, every option ends up as an if-else statement. Plus, in some cases, there might be a “random” option in the choices, which is another if-else.

Some scripts will have more, others will have fewer. But the fun thing is that you will start the script with a single option. Then, you think of something else, you just add that option and a separate if-else, and so on. So it is not like you start with all 35 options in your mind. You can think of color options, then direction options, then shape options, etc. It adds up over time, without overwhelming you from the start. Even if you have only 3 windows given to the user, with 3 choices each, you already have 27 combinations. If you add to that the fact that they can choose a number of x, a color, a font, a text, you have an infinite number of options for the user.