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Corrie Kinkel
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Trish I like your notredam- window! Somewhere in my photo collection I have a stained glass window and maybe I’ll try to copy you, if you don’t mind.

I have been very quite of lately due to a domestic crises. Just after finishing the MasksWorkshop we discovered that we had a major problem with the floor in the entrance hall. It was wet after all the heavy storms and rains we have had and this wetness was spreading underneath the laminate flooring. So a part of that flooring had to be removed. Besides that the the floor on another  spot is wet too and the pressure for the underfloor heating is going back….. Tomorrow morning a company is coming to measure if there is a leak, which means we are without heating for 2 days now because the floor has to cool down before they are able to measure! So fingers crossed! It means that I haven’t had time or energy left for scrapping.

See you all in the masterclass of tonight