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Ann Hassig
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I’ve had quite a struggle with lesson 1 but I think I finally have enough figured out to get photos into the template. I’m used to using clipping masks and sometimes my brain got stuck on that. I don’t know if there was another way to add the background, I copied and pasted a Shadowhouse canvas and I have to look up some tutorials on using text in Paintshop. I’ll have to practice on some other templates, this was fun once I began to understand how to use it.

This thread is so tempting, so many great ideas, so much to learn!

One  of those things to learn is how to upload a photo. I have tried two browsers(Opera and Chrome) and every time it freezes the browser. I click on Upload Images, go to my files and click on the one I want to upload and then it freezes. I finally go to task manager to close it. I checked and the image is 600×600 165kb jpg.

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