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Theresa Di Cesare
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Linda J walker – (#73083) – That’s a beautiful page, lovely colours to accompany the Blue Jay.


Sue Thomas – Thank you for all your tips and advice in the forum. I’ll be taking a leaf out of your book with repetition – practice, practice and practice again. I’ll be going through the videos again and making sure I take notes etc. It’s quite overwhelming at times with all the instructions and the many actions to do – repetition is definitely the key, and personally, a bit of patience too 😉


Carole – (#73150) Thank you for that – save to disk 🙂 I feel I should be experimenting more with the tutorials and pages, and also having a bit more confidence in doing them. Thank you for all you do.


Linda DiGregor (#73170) – Beautiful Robins – your Robins are different to our ones we get in the UK (which are equally beautiful 🙂


I am truly amazed at everyone’s creations on here.