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Susan, (#73087) for your background, it is a good idea to keep it solid. You could add a slight texture but you don’t want it a busy layer.

Fiona, (#73091) glad to see you found a solution even without seeing the “official” one. I would suggest you rearrange the layers so the word SWEET appears above the mask group.  (#73108) That is a cool result! Practice will always help.

Theresa (#73105) I am sorry that PSP is giving you a fit. Sometimes, technology is just picky. (#73117) You can save the mask to disk with Layers > Load/Save Mask > Save Mask to disk.

Linda, (#73122) very nice page. Clean and focussed.

Anita, (#73127) another nicely done page. I see you are getting more comfortable.

Christiane, (#73137) if you want to resize the frames, it will be easier to do it before adding an image. You should be able to use the Resize command and make sure you UNCHECK the Resize all layers. And the TITRE is not editable. It is on its own layer so you can delete it and replace it by your own text with your own chosen font.

Marvin (#73147) that is a beautiful page!!