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Susan Ewart
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Hi Mary.  (#73092).  Thank you for your comments, my heart is singing.  I tried (hopefully successfully) to send a psp file to your FB account (I hope that was okay, I should have asked first🤦‍♀️ ).  It is the artists words on the “Imperial Water Dragon”.  I wouldn’t have been able to put it as beautifully as him.  He is from Chilliwack BC Canada (where I lived at the time -2009).  This was an unveiling of his latest art piece, only 5 minutes from my house.   In one of the two images you can see how many people were there so it was really hard to shoot any full length shots, I mostly did close up shots.  He also had two other previous eagle sculptures there (one for repair as it had been stolen and fell off the truck or something like that). The second photo is the artist being interviewed by local media, it gives you some perspective of the size of this beautiful piece.  It was for sale for 1 million dollars (Canadian – that’s about $4 American, right?😂).  It didn’t sell right away and I could always see it when I was driving on the highway.