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Susan, (#73042) you’ll get there. Most tools are nice. None of them bite!

Anita, (#73054) I guess we can’t see much of the swirl effect on the edges of the mask. It might be due to the busy background.

Monique, (#73066) that is a vibrant page. Those flowers are not about to bloom here: there are still fishing huts on the ice!

Julie, (#73078) did you try with a frame? Don’t assume something will or will not work. You have the flexibility to try things and undo if we don’t like it. I often have several hidden layers in a single project! That is the power of digital!

Marvin, (#73080) Good choice of background for that photo. The wood suits the violin very well.

Linda, (#73083) there will be an index for the DIAMOND members as those will be available permanently. I just have not yet created that index.