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My question is: When coding for others, do you add any command to check/promote the Vector layer to Raster?

Most likely. Although it will depend if you are dealing with a starting image/element/design provided by the user. Then, yes. Because you don’t know if the user will run the script on a raster or a vector (if there is a chance to be a vector). If it is in the middle of your own code, then you likely won’t need it because you should already know what layer type it would be at this point.

I have mine set to PROMPT (I have never changed anything in Auto Actions), so the script runs without problem.

The only thing will be that IF you are using one of those commands that is set to PROMPT, you MIGHT encounter an additional dialog window that will, in fact, prompt the user for permission to perform that action. It is rarely an issue, but just be aware of it.

Sorry for the delay. I had been “unsubscribed” from this thread that I started! Odd!