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Euka, (#72956) thank you for pointing out that filter. I don’t usually use them, and although I have a loooong list of them from my earlier days using PSP, I have never reinstalled them over the years.

Mary, (#72963) isn’t that incredible how a simple polkadot technique can yield such a different result? Great work. As for the quiz, yes, you can if you merge the group, but then, it is no longer a group! 🙂

Anita, (#72967) that is a very delicate page for an adorable furry friend.

Monique, (#72971) accidents can be good, right? (#73005) So you are keeping all those papers year after year?

Christiane, (#72977) brushes come with two files: one ending in .pspbrush, so that one is obvious, but the other one ends in .pspscript. That last one is often confusing, because it is NOT a script, but part of a brush “pair”. You would identify it because it will start with BrushTip_

Lynda, (#72979) yeah, that gives perspective. I have to say that I assumed that the trees were maybe 10 feet, but I guess they are smaller than that.

Hank, (#72990) I can see you tried to do the scallops, but is it possible that you were doing it on a different layer?

Fiona, (#72995) if I ever go off the grid, some people will notice in the forum 🙂  I am glad you are feeling more confident with masks.

Marie-Claire, (#72997) I hope you didn’t break anything in your fall. Take it easy.

Corrie, (#73000) of course there will be more. You know me by now!

Julie, (#73008) Sue beat me by just a few minutes. The Fill tool can be finicky at times. If the Use all Layers is checked, you will have very odd results.

Louyse, (#73012) you are definitely having fun, it seems! Glad you enjoyed it.

Linda, (#73018) that is definitely a great photo to showcase!