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Mary Solaas
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Love what each person has in mind for the Alphabet Challenge.

My letter B is for my Brother, Beer, and Budweiser – we took a tour of St. Louis in 2013 and one of the stops was the Budweiser Brewery.  A really interesting tour as we got to see how beer is made in a modern brewery and got some of the history of Budweiser.  We did get to see a Clydesdale, but I saw more Clydesdale horses (younguns) at the Busch Gardens in the middle of St. Louis on another trip there.    The papers are mine.  The beer glasses are from a PSP tube.  The title is my stitched B and the font is Brush 455 BT; the narrative is Arial.  Lots of fun and I’m ready to continue on with the Alphabet Challenge.