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Rene Marker
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Are you talking about multi-layered PSD templates (for example 12×12) that can be purchased at any of the major digital scrapbooking stores or the element/paper templates from Pixel scrapper?

I’ve been using the first type for 13 years so really don’t remember some of the issues I had in the beginning. Since I’ve been using them so long, I have learned how to use them more efficiently over the years. I have learned a few new things in the last 2 years that have helped greatly. Linking layers is one. Dragging and dropping into the layer pallet is another. Just remember I use kits I’ve purchased from these digital scrapping stores and don’t make my own stuff which is why finding out I could drag and drop was a real game changer.

I started with many of these templates from various designer blogs where they give away freebies on a monthly basis (and still do).