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Mary Solaas
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Last days of December and I finally finished (I think so) with Lab 6 Mod 9.  Problems with this module were the wire clip and the overlapped string.  Created 2 star wire clips and one Christmas tree wire clip (that one doesn’t work too well).  Was not happy with the overlapped string I was making for the layout, but I made one in blue which was twisted (that I didn’t like), and made 3 in gravel texture which I did kind of like and which I finally decided to use in the layout.  Didn’t have as much trouble with the flowers, although I think I still need to work on that. All the elements and papers are mine.  I think I got the hang of how to put part of a wire clip behind the paper or picture one is using – I had to go to the Master Class “Hang On” to make it work.  Will go back to that class since it has several different clips to make and use.

Anyway, here is the Lab 6 Mod 9.  Not one of my favorites, however “it is what it is”.

I’m also posting my playing with “gravel”.  Lynda DiGregor last year used gravel as the frame in one of her layouts and that inspired me to “play” with that.  Did manage to use the inner bevel with the frame and picture.  I do like to take pictures of gravel, pavement, rugs, etc. – anything that might be useful to use as a background.  (works in Video Studio as well).

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