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fiona cook
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Thank you Carole for asking for feedback and join you in wishing a great 2022 for us.

I particularly like:

  • the community encouragement and tips and Carole’s close attention
  • webinars of varying subjects with Carole’s unique themes throughout.
  • the regular e-mail newsletter updates


  • a Part 2 of the Bootcamp as a follow up from the beginners’ Bootcamp but with extra time to complete
  • Diamond Membership on an adhoc basis to make the most of my free time on PC
  • at the moment I do not wish to have a Facebook account and wonder if I would be missing out on the Campus as a result and what the advantage is on the Scrapbook Facebook pages compared to the main site
  • the biggest problem for me is being alert enough for the webinars that I love as they are late in the evening for us who live in the UK. Not sure what can be done about that though!  Having the recording available afterwards has been a great help.


  • I have gone from knowing nothing about PSP to being able to achieve, in a relatively short space of time, at a basic level, an objective to be creative using my existing photos
  • the free activities, competitions and freebies have been hugely beneficial and applicable within the context of the community
  • have gained knowledge and in case I have forgotten a technique have reference to the projects I have completed or tutorials available