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Susan Ewart
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thank you Carole.  It’s mostly to show how it came.  I’m not worried if I cant use this, since I dont even know how.  haha.  It will just have the links, I wanted you to see the instructions on each box, it made me think it would install on it’s own.  and maybe it did, I clicked open and it wouldnt open.  but I think because I dont know about brushes it likely is something I’m supposed to put somewhere that I dont realize I’m supposed to do.

It did put some brush folders on my D drive (we use D for data/pictures and ‘PSP resource’ folder that I made from your tutorials, the C drive is where we have programs ) and these Particle shop folders just showed up there.  I never directed them to do that.  PSP/painter and the rest went on C where they belong.  I did pay attention to that.  usually my computer literate husband helps me but I wanted to do this on my own this time.   I will send a word print screen of that.  I was being careful with the programs to make sure they went where they were supposed to, the brush packs didnt ask, just downloaded and when I tried to open from the download box that pops up is where I had problems.  Not sure if this is too much information, I’ll print screen that too so you know what I mean, it will be the second picture on the word doc.  thank you for this.  Please dont put too much time into this as I can also call Corel.  it’s more likely my lack of knowledge hampering me.