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Corrie Kinkel
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I have given it some thought. The bigger challenges I like a lot in particular the Double Take, Love Story and of course the Up-To-Date for the calendar. The last one I would miss terribly if it shouldn’t come back. I like those because they offer the opportunity to be on one project for a couple of days/weeks and seeing what others do with the same templates and tutorials gives a lot of inspiration too. I don’t like the story time challenge or any challenge where the story is the main subject with no photos. That’s because I think, how good my English may be, it’s not the language in which I want to tell those stories and if I tell them in Dutch well there are just a few people here that can read them. Wordart and subway art are of course something different.

The weekly challenges are also very welcome and give new ideas to use photos and I think the scavanger hunt is the most liked from all. Sadly I have no new ideas to offer at the moment, you cover a broad spectrum with those.

The Campus, Membership and all the activities have given me a great feeling of belonging to this wonderful community and has greatly helped in the last 2 difficcult years. Being creative and meeting the other members helps a lot to keep me healthy (mentally, physically not so much by sitting at the computer!). Your commitment and instant support are fantastic and makes it all work.

I hope for a great 2022 in all aspects for this whole community